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Tomani, it’s our mission to bring you the largest selection and the best quality food products on the market.


Tomani loves every opportunity to interact with everyone of you, as we wish to provide you with the freshest and most delicious ingredients. We have a wide selection of quality food products in the world, we’re sure you’ll just love them.

As one of the industry’s leading importer in Hong Kong, we are carring many of the world’s leading brands, such as LIGO (USA), OPHELLIA (EU), FONTANA (EU). Most of which are award-winning and all meet or exceed the global standards of quality as well as food safety and hygiene. 



USA , Since 1932, LIGO Brand has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in service as well as in premium quality food products. LIGO products on grocery shelves in 40 countries worldwide, often as one of the leading brands, with extensive distribution in Asia, Central America, and Europe. 


Greece , OPHELLIA is made according to the strictest European and international conditions for food and health safety. Every OPHELLIA is rich in value and nutrients necessary for all.


Cyprus , AMBROSIA was established in 1976 by our founders Vias Demetriou and Christis Demetriou. Since then Ambrosia Oils (1976) Ltd has grown to achieve its present status as one of the largest and most reputable companies in Cyprus. Well connected world-wide we maintain very high standards by employing the latest technology in vegetable oils and fats production.


ROMANIA , The story begins in 1968, with first marmalade recipe, and it builds up to this day with more than 100 products, born from our passion for nature.  That’s what we call a yummy history. And it all began in 1968 at the Raureni factory. Confiture, jam, compote, plum jam, pickles... all of the products are like no others. Every new recipe translates into a new jar of pure, natural goodness. After marmalade’s success, steadily worked on the recipes, enriched them and carefully preserved them over the years.


Cyprus , Pure fruit juice is one of nature's most delicious gifts. FONTANA fruit juices are 100% pure. Pure with no additives, made from concentrates naturally derived from the fruits.


Cyprus , Pure fruit juice is one of nature's most delicious gifts. CYPRINA fruit juices are 100% pure. Pure with no additives, made from concentrates naturally derived from the fruits.


Ireland , vacuum-crisping process locks in nature’s flavors. They’re naturally high in fiber, and gluten free. Each bag is one of your five a day. We wrap them in foil for extra freshness. And we’re done.


Poland , Ola has grown constantly ever since it was founded in 1988 as a family business. From a small factory turned into a modern and constantly developing company. Over the years we expand the number of our products and number of our satisfied and loyal customers.

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Tomani Ltd. (“Tomani”) is a trusted importer and distributor of exceptional quality food products. We source and deliver a wide array of global innovative and high quality products to restaurants, bars, cafes, quick-service restaurants, supermarkets, airlines, catering and clubhouses.

About Us


About Us

Tomani Limited

Unit 1, 12/F., King Centre,

23-29 Dundas Street,

Mong Kok, Hong Kong


t: +852-2994-0188

f: +852-2994-0555

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